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The next generation of Power Plants
Centrali Next is one of the first Italian companies that operate a Virtual Power Plant in Italy combining both demand response and flexible generation and offering its services in all relevant markets.
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Our digital network
In our Virtual Power Plant, we connect thousands of energy-producing and energy-consuming units. All units are operated through the central control room while remaining independent in their ownership and governance.
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Trading services on different markets
Centrali Next pools distributed renewable generation and flexible demand in a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) - the Next Pool. We trade the VPP's energy and flexibility on the short-term power markets and in future also on the Italian dispatch market. Hereby we generate new income streams for the Next Pool participants while minimizing the risk of blackouts in Italy.
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Our Virtual Power Plant for a new energy market

We are in the midst of a huge global transformation of the energy system. Today more capacities for renewable energies are launched than conventional capacities. Are these mostly small decentralized power generators able to replace conventional power plants?

Together they can. Our Virtual Power Plant links decentralized electricity producers and consumers via a central control system in order to reliably coordinate power production and power consumption in the new energy market.

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Facts & Figures

273 million euros (2015)
9 TWh (2015)
Volume of Power Trading
2899 MW
Networked Capacity
780 MW
Prequalified Tertiary Capacity Reserve
682 MW
Prequalified Secondary Capacity Reserve

Where we operate

Next Kraftwerke is the operator of one of the biggest Virtual Power Plants (VPP) in Europe. You can find us in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Poland and Switzerland.