Products and services

The rapid rise of renewable power generation in Italy is a major challenge for our electricity market. Fluctuating sources such as wind and solar make it increasingly difficult to balance supply and demand at all times. With flexible players such as a Virtual power Plant we will be able to master these challenges.

Tailored services for energy producers

Within our Virtual Power Plant Next Pool we aggregate decentralized power plants and large-scale power consumers bringing them to the relevant markets. This way, we are opening up additional sources of income for all participants. You can use the services of Centrali Next already now in long-term and short-term electricity markets, sell your flexibility during price peaks, and optimize your imbalance cost structure. With an expected opening of the Italian dispatch market (MSD), the Next Pool will also be among the first providers of ancillary services from decentralized assets.

Your advantages

  • We help you exploit the flexibility of your asset increasing the profitability of your plant.
  • At the same time, you are helping to stabilize the grid and to transform our energy system to be fully based on sustainable energy.
  • Today, our Virtual Power Plant already integrates more than 4,000 assets in Europe
  • Transparency and cooperation are central to our business