Direct marketing

Centrali Next is your access to the Italian short-term markets. By harnessing your flexibility, we can significantly increase the value of your power generation. You profit directly from price variations on the spot market.

Our trading services

Connect to our smart trading services: We offer you access to the Italian day-ahead and intraday markets operated by GME and jointly optimize your generation. We combine your plant schedule together with our optimization algorithms to dispatch your plant ideally on an hourly basis: Ramping up your production, when spot market prices are high and reducing the production, when spot market prices are low.

Minimize your imbalance cost: When marketing your energy through Ritiro Dedicato, the resulting imbalance costs will reduce your revenue significantly. Our algorithms will forecasts imbalances at the different feed-in points as well as the resulting imbalance costs. In this way, you will reduce or fully avoid imbalance costs by smart trading at the short-term markets and by scheduling your plant accordingly in real-time.

Be a first mover in the opening dispatch (MSD) market: As part of transitory phase (RDE), the Italian dispatch market (MSD), which is currently limited to “enabled units” above 10 MVA will soon be reformed. As part of the Next Pool, you will be among the first movers and access this new market opportunity with your flexibility. At the same time you will profit from years of experience within the electricity market and the security of bank guarantees provided by Centrali Next and its parent company Next Kraftwerke.

Your advantages

  • Maximize your revenues by offering flexibility on all available power markets
  • Reduce your balancing risks to a minimum. We help you keep the quarterly and hourly balance.
  • Profit from a transparent partnership without hidden fees and a fair profit sharing model
  • You are actively involved in your trading strategy and we are available for your questions and requests at all times

How we work

  • We improve your revenues by not only trading your electricity but also its flexibility and reduce your administrative and imbalance costs
  • We trade your flexibility on the most profitable markets: day-ahead (MPG), intraday market (MI) and soon also dispatch (MSD) market.
  • Regardless of real load profile RLP or synthetic load profile SLP, we use our experience and extensive database to predict your production and consumption profiles to trade it optimally.
  • Centrali Next can fully rely on the experience and financial stability of its German parent company Next Kraftwerke. While offering more efficient and competitive services we still provide the same security like public partners.