By participating in our Virtual Power Plant, you will capture the full potential of your hydro plant. Since the production depends on rainfall as well as the amount of water carried by a river, any hydro plant could potentially benefit from an optimized forecasting methodology to increase its power value in electricity markets.

A further basic distinction has to be made between run-of-river plants and reservoir power plants. Whereas the first usually has very limited storage capacity and therefore upward capacity, hydro reservoir units play an important role in dispatch market and reserve power products. Centrali Next can be your partner to get the maximum out of the flexibility of your hydro unit - independent from your current support through Certificati Verdi, D.M. 6 Luglio 2012 or other schemes.

Our trading team has strong experience in putting hydro plants on the long- and short-term electricity markets: The Next Pool already includes various small and medium sized hydro plants mostly connected in Austria.

Hydro Plant