Natural gas CHP

You want to increase the profitability of your CHP installation? To optimally use the CHP, both heat and power production need to be used or traded. Sometimes even the CO2 output is valorized. On the one hand the CHP is technically able to quickly control the power output and ramp up and down within seconds to minutes. On the other hand there might be restrictions due to heat and CO2 production that may limit the options for secondary monetization processes.

However, operated in a larger pool of several CHPs and in combination with other technologies CHPs are a very interesting technology for reserve power provision in all reserve power categories. With the Italian dispatch market opening up, also smaller units will be able to provide these services, e.g. as part of the Next Pool. Additionally the flexibility of CHPs can already now be valorized on the short-term electricity markets. By exploiting these two options significant additional revenue streams can be generated for you as a plant owner.